Interview to “The Shell Corporation” with Jan Drees

Hello everyone, I’ve shared two words with Jan Drees, singer of The Shell Corporation, punk rock band from Los Angeles that will fly to Europe for a promoting tour of their new album “Mandrake“, released via Paper+Plastick Records/Solidarity Recordings in digital version, CD, and Vinyl. This Burbank quartet has only been around since 2011, but they wasted no time making an imprint in punk circles with a heavy touring schedule and the releases of their “Force Majeure” LP and “Time & Pressure” EP via Solidarity Recordings. “Mandrake” ups the ante from those two releases, though, and The Shell Corporation is out to prove that it belongs in any conversation about one of the best new bands in punk rock and obviously Ghost Factory Records has booked their italian shows.

 1. Hi guys, can you give me a bit of background about The Shell Corporation for those who don’t have clear this project?

We started the Shell Corporation in May 2011 from the ashes of another band. This other band had a European tour booked for that September when we imploded spectacularly. Not wanting to give up the opportunity to tour Europe, I convinced the booking agent to save the tour and give it to my “other” band. In reality there was no other band yet, just an idea. We took three days to record a couple of tracks and create a band out of thin air.

2.Your Europe tour is entitled: “Europen Liberation Tour”, Do you have a direct message?
It’s a bit of a sarcastic reference to the fact that we Americans tend to think we know what’s best for everyone else.

3.”Mandrake” is the title of your new album. What does it mean? Is It linked somehow to “Mandrake, the magician”?
There’s a magician named Mandrake? I didn’t know that. The title is taken from the character Group Captain Lionel Mandrake from Dr. Strangelove. He is the island of calm in a sea of madness.

4.What do you guys see in T.S.C. future?
Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory. Seriously though, probably a lot of tours and a few more records until we get sick of doing this and decide to do something else.

5.The Shell Corporation is a political band, what do you think about the position of the U.S. Army on the excuses adopted to invade other countries over the years?
The US Army does what it’s told to do by the politicians who run the country. Unfortunately, those politicians have been hell-bent on squandering whatever good-will the US had built up after WWII. This has been aided by an American population largely unaware or unconcerned with what is being done around the world in our name. On the other hand, the US is always the first to be asked for military or financial help, and is often criticized for not using its wealth and military more often. For instance, in the Syrian and Libyan revolutions. This is the main problem with running an empire. You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. I think we would all be better off if we “didn’t” more often.

6. Which message would you like to send to the boys and girls that are approaching with their local punk-rock community in 2014?
If you want a good scene it’s up to you to make it good. No one will give you anything ever. If there aren’t any good bands in your scene, then start one. If there aren’t any good shows, book some. Also, buy merch from the touring bands. That’s the best way to get them to come back to your town.

7.It’s your first time in Italy (if I’m not wrong) and you have two shows planned: 23.09 in Castiglione delle Stiviere and 25.09 in Livorno. What do you expect?
This is the Shell Corporation’s first time in Italy, but we’ve been in other bands that have played there (a long time ago). I don’t really know what to expect, since it’s been so long, but we hope to meet a lot of new friends.


01.09 (D) Bielefeld – Uebersehcontainer
02.09 (D) Trier – Ex Haus
03.09 (D) Köln – Sonic Ballroom
04.09 (B) Bruxelles – DNA
05.09 (B) Mol – Tydeeh
06.09 (A) Sankt Peter am Wimberg – Mezzaine Club
08.09 (CZ) Valasske Mezirici – Lira
09.09 (CZ) Holešov – Wats Club
10.09 (CZ) Prag – Rock Cafe
11.09 (D) Berlin – Wild at Heart
12.09 (D) Rotenburg – Villa
13.09 (D) Wermelskirchen – Bahndamm + Shame 69
16.09 (E) Torrelavega – Sala Arena
17.09 (E) Oviedo – La Lata de Zinc
18.09 (E) Lekunberri – Kantina Rock
19.09 (E) Badalona – Estraperlo Club – w/No Fun At All
20.09 (E) Blanes – Morralla Espai Creatiu
21.09 (F) Toulouse – Dynamo
23.09 (I) Castiglione delle Stiviere – Arci Dallo
24.09 (CRO) Zagreb – AKC Medika
25.09 (I) Livorno – Ex Caserma Occupata
26.09 (D) FÜRTH – Kopf und Kragen



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