GFR&A welcomes in family: MALVINA (skate-punk from Brazil) to release “Hybrid War” on april 26th.

We are proud, glad and excited to welcome MALVINA in the Ghost Factory Family!
The brazilian skate-punk trio from Rio De Janeiro will release their 2nd album “Hybrid War”on april 26th and available on vinyl via our online shop at and on the major streaming platforms. Pre-orders available soon!

Malvina - hybrid war cover
Malvina condemns US involvement in Brazilian politics.
The band uses the concept of Hybrid War to shed light on how the United States have manipulated Brazil according to their own interests, especially to maintain their hegemony.
Rio de Janeiro, February 2019 – Three years since their last release, the hardcore band Malvina is making waves again with its critical stance of the political convulsions shaking Brazil. The new single focuses on recent events in the country’s history: from the color revolutions of 2013, through the “impeachment” in 2016, the dismantling of
public policies, and the hardline program of privatizations, to societal divisions in the midst of a growing wave of neo-fascism. “Hybrid War” reports on these events as characteristics of hybrid warfare, a movement designed to maintain American hegemony.
Although hybrid warfare is a little-known concept in Brazil, it is starting to be better understood. With the release of its new album, Malvina wants to bring it to the attention of a broader audience not just to inform them, but also to get people more politically engaged.

Essentially, hybrid warfare is a new type of warfare, as observed by the political analyst Andrew Korybko. The main agents are the United States, who recognizes China’s potential to become a world leader, especially through technological influence, as well as Russia, with its massive arms and munitions industry. In order to maintain its dominance, it identifies problems in target countries and exploits their weaknesses to attain strategic goals. One of the methods is to use different media to manipulate social movements in order to weaken the government and bring to power leaders that are aligned with its goals.
One factor that put Brazil firmly in the States’ sights was the discovery of pre-salt oil reserves in 2006. At the time, the country’s president was the leftist leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who left American Big Oil out of the negotiations. Added to that, his independent stance and initiatives to create and coordinate multipolar projects were
perceived as a threat to American hegemony.
The Car Wash investigation was one of the tools used to weaken the Workers’ Party, while the anti-government protests in 2013 and the pro-impeachment demonstrations in 2016 are two examples of a phenomenon called a color revolution, which is characteristic of this kind of warfare. In Brazil, the use of slogans like “Fight against
Corruption” and the smearing of the Workers’ Party proved effective in turning the people against the government and getting the country’s politics more aligned with the United States.
“The construction of a fairer future where one of the most unequal countries in the world was suspended because of market interests and class hatred” comments Vinícius Berbert, the band’s singer and bass player.

The song is a mixture of hardcore punk and metal, with elements of jazz and seventies progressive rock. “We worked really hard to polish each of its parts to make a stronger connection between the lyrics and the music. From the fast-paced hardcore beat we managed to transition to other parts like the chorus, where the rhythm is more
jazz-like, and to explore elements of trash metal and prog rock,” explains Bernardo Berbert, singer and guitar player.
“Hybrid War” is the title track of the album, which is set to be released in April by Electric Funeral (Brazil), Ghost Factory (Italy), Geenger (Croatia), Morning Wood (The Netherlands), 5FeetUnder (Denmark), Bomber Music (UK),
Mevzu (Turkey), Money Fire (USA), Punk & Disorderly (Canada), Audioslam (Chile), and Razor (Argentina). It was mixed by Jason Livermore together with the band at Blasting Room Studios in Colorado (USA), where artists like Rise Against, NOFX, and Descendents often record their work.
The cover design for the single is by Rodrigo Rezende, who has done all the cover art for Malvina since their album “Claustro”. Rodrigo’s work has gradually influenced the identity of the band, who see it as complementing their music.

Originally from Nova Friburgo, in the mountainous inland part of Rio de Janeiro state, the band is made up of the twin brothers Vinícius (vocals and bass) and Bernardo (vocals and guitar), and Renato Avellar (drums).
Their influences, alongside the “ABC” of punk and hardcore (Ramones, Bad Religion, Descendents, and NOFX), take in bands like Opeth, Voivod, Nirvana, Propagandhi, and King Crimson, which explains the sound they have refined over the years.
The year of 2010 saw the fully independent release of Malvina’s first full-length, “Claustro”.
The positive reception it earned from audiences from Brazil and elsewhere prompted the band to fill the distribution and publicity gap felt in 2010 in a bid to widen the market for the album, signing a full contract with Green Gold Records (USA) in 2014.
With ten tracks, half in English and half in Portuguese, “Claustro” has been cited and praised by leading Brazilian hardcore veterans like Rodrigo Lima, of Dead Fish, Phil Fargnoli (CPM 22) and André Alves (Nitrominds/Statues on Fire).
In other countries, the American band A Wilhelm Scream and the Canadians from Belvedere have already expressed interest in sharing the stage with Malvina on tours in South America.
Positive feedback and reviews have been published on websites and blogs and been broadcast on radio stations across Latin America, North America, Eastern Europe and Asia. With an online release in 2011, the three-track EP “Vomit Juice” is a throwback to the punk rock sound of the nineties.
Between 2012 and December 2015, Malvina took the songs from these two works across the whole of Brazil, from the southeast to the extreme north of the country, wrapping up the cycle with a six-gig tour in Argentina.
The Argentine public were surprised by the release of a new EP during this tour: the two-track compact disc “Nankeen”, under the Brazilian label Monstro Discos.
Malvina released its lyric video of “Scenario” to coincide with the opening of the Rio Olympics, in 2016, criticizing the forced removal of families in the west zone of the city to make way for the developments for the Games.
Their rebuke had major repercussions in Brazil and internationally, with press releases published on websites in Europe, the USA, and Latin America.
The cause was supported by the Canadians from Propagandhi, who publicized the video and asked their fans to spread the word.


In August 2018, after over a year spent concentrating on the production of the new album, the twins Bernardo and Vinícius went to the Blasting Room Studios, in Fort Collins, Colorado, to mix the album with Jason Livermore.
“Hybrid War” will come out on CD and vinyl in the first half of 2019 and will be distributed by record labels from Europe, the USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Its tracks address the circumstances that led to the 2016 state coup, the destruction of national industry, and the rise of fascism in Brazil.
The band draws on the concept of Hybrid War developed by the political analyst Andrew Korybko to speak out about the strategic machinations behind the criminalization of the Workers’ Party, the use of propaganda to create schisms in society, and the destruction of the multipolar projects that were designed to give Brazil greater autonomy in its economic policies.


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