Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send my demo to Ghost Factory Records?

GFR is a small label so we’ll be probably full and slow in listening, but we are always looking for new kickass music so send a streaming link to ghostfactoryrecords(at)gmail.com

How can I purchase your records?

You can buy our records via our online shops on Bigcartel and Discogs. We can send our records all over Europe and you can pay by Paypal or Credit Card. If you are based in U.S.A. you can order our music via Interpunk.com

I really want my band to play at Ghost Factory parties, is there a way?

We give the priority to our bands to play, but sure, send in your proposal.

Can I book a show for one (or more) of your bands?

If they are in touring periods why not! Feel free to send an email to ghostfactoryrecords(at)gmail.com

My band needs a well done videoclip, are you making videos JUST for GFR bands?

 Nope. It’s just an open service. Feel free to send an email with your proposal to ghostfactoryrecords@gmai.com

If you any have other question feel free to write down here.